Hello N4BB readers! My name is Niko Giannopoulos. Today is our first post together as we embark on a brand new year and a brand new platform with BlackBerry10 right around the corner. From now on this is our corner! Every week we will talk about our favorite apps, the news of the week, and whatever else you’d like to discuss. Everyone can partake by emailing me at Niko.Giannopoulos@n4bb.com with any ideas or apps you’d like us to discuss for the week. This is our little corner in the blogosphere. Lets get together, be interactive and have fun!

I wanted to start by talking about a few of my personal favorite apps. I am on AT&T’s network and have a Bold 9900. There are plenty of apps for our enjoyment and we will continue to talk about that in coming posts but here are a few I highly recommend for you guys.

Tiggit Controller for iTunes

I love music! In my home I have my entertainment system in my living room and  my Apple Mac Mini connected to the  TV with surround sound system.  I have a music catalog of over 9,000 songs, which serves a great purpose when I have people over. Tiggit allows me to remote control my iTunes without having to be next to my computer. Find a song, browse thru playlists, and play any track your music soul desires.  This is one of my favorite apps and even though it’s a little pricey ($3.99) I strongly recommend it. If you download it send me an email and let me know what you think!

ScoreMobile FC

If you are like me then Futbal is in your soul! Yes real futbal, not American football (which is as equally awesome).  ScoreMobile FC lets you follow and track your favorite games in many European and Latin American leagues, including the UEFA cup and the champions league.  With awesome push notification, this is one of the best apps for fans of the round god.

Angry Pigs

A fan of Angry Birds? This game is meant for you. To my knowledge it’s the only game that actually uses a physics engine and has the zoom feature (it helps when you want to know where to shoot your angry pigs).  A fun game with a great overall gameplay.  My only gripe is that sometimes it takes a little long to initially load the game, but after that you are ready to go.

Now, lets dive into the top news of this week. The week started with a bang when news broke of the possible replacement of Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balsillie from the co-Chairman role.  What’s your take on the news? Do you think that RIM needs to maintain their current structure until they complete the transition? Or, that there needs to be an upper management restructuring to lead RIM back to a prosperous company? Sound off in the comments.


Jefferies & Co. analyst Peter Misek unleashed a big rumor this week. Misek alleges that RIM has been considering the licensing of BlackBerry 10 OS to 3rd party manufacturers such as HTC and Samsung. While a RIM spokeswoman would not comment on rumor or speculation, it is a compelling rumor. We’ve already asked for your opinion on the matter. So far, N4BB readers appear to be OK with the licensing of BB10. If you haven’t voted, you can do so here.

In the middle of the week, Lucas dropped the first bad news of the new year. Sorry slider fans, but the BlackBerry Milan has been cancelled! It seems like a vertical keyboard with a 4.2 inch screen isn’t finding its way to production, just yet at least. Should RIM revisit the vertical slider with a smaller screen? As Lucas had reporter earlier, RIM had looked into horizontal keyboards, but time will tell if they’re still an option.

My favorite event of the week?  The leak of Bold 9900 OS! I have installed it on my device and so far so good. If you see something in this OS you think we should know about, feel free to drop us a line.

That’s is it for this week’s edition of Niko’s Corner. Check back on Friday of next week for another recap of news, apps, and answers to your questions. Don’t forget to email me and make sure you follow us @N4_BB on Twitter. #BeBold TeamBlackBerry!