Welcome back everyone! It has been a crazy week that started in Las Vegas with the beginning of the 2012 International Consumers Electronics Show. BlackBerry was there in full force. Lucas attented the show and got a lot of cool videos that you should definitely check out. Lucas also got a chance to speak to Martyn Mallick, who is RIM’s VP of Global Alliances and Business Development.  Make sure you listen to the interview here.

At CES 2012, RIM thoroughly demoed the native PIM apps. With the promise of thousands of new apps, the release of popular titles like Cut the Rope and Plants vs Zombies, RIM also showed off the native calendar, adress book and yes even email! Along with PIM apps rim will introduce a new video store. Hook up your  PlayBook to your TV and enjoy movies through the HDMI out. Another big announcement was the introduction of Print-to-Go.  This is an awesome app that finally shows off the cascades platform.  It allowes you to print your documents right to your PlayBook.

Additionally, RIM introduced BlackBerry OS 7.1, which brings FM tuner (to selected devices) WiFi hotspot and a cool new NFC feature called BlackBerry Tag. The BlackBerry Tag app can be used with BlackBerry smartphones with NFC antennas. RIM also introduced a new version of BlackBerry Messenger, Traffic, and Travel apps.  Release of OS 7.1 should start rolling out through carriers starting this week.

This week I collaborated with Stefany Baez (a fellow editor on N4BB) to give us her 5 favorite BlackBerry apps. Here is Stefany’s top 5 picks:

Vlingo is real life saver, seriously. Avoiding accidents while driving is its specialty. Either that or help me out when I’m being lazy and don’t wanna type. Talking to Vlingo  has made texting, writting emails, searching on Google and even opening an app a lot easier and yes, that is possible. Just talk to the app and it will do almost anything you can imagine, it’s like Siri on your BlackBerry.
I have a very weird imagination and creativity, almost everything I come up with is while I’m out doing some other stuff that won’t let me work on whatever I’m “creating” in my mind. With Evernote, I can write notes, record voice notes and upload them to my account to check later on my phone or even my computer.
Don’t you hate it when you have a song stuck on your head and not even knowing which song it is? This hardly ever happens to me thanks to Shazam. Whenever I heard a song I like, I just load up the app and it does the job for me by listening to the song and tell me the name, band, and album. Sweet!
There are times in your day when some things aren’t a priority, like a BBM message, or a text from a certain person. BeBuzz tells me who is contacting me and where even before I check my BlackBerry by simply lighting the LED with the color I specify. You can get custom LED colors for all your contacts, apps and even BBM contacts. And this is just one of the many things BeBuzz can do.
Photo Studio
I love taking photos on the go, I hardly ever carry a real camera unless I have to for a certain special occasion. This is when my BlackBerry comes in and serves as my camera. But that’s not it, with Photo Studio I can add some awesome effects and edit photos right on my phone, THAT is really priceless. Did I mention it’s free?

Ross did a fantastic job with his BBM Music review. You should find it very insightful. Check it outand leave us a comment on how you would you improve the customer experience.


RIM increased their portfolio in the Asian market wth the introduction of 5 new BlackBerry 7 smartphones in the Philippines. RIM also launched the Bold 9790 and Curve 9380 in Vietnam. If you are located in either region, please let us know which of the new smartphones you’re most interested in.

Thank you for joining me on another segment of Week In Review. Thank you to all who have emailed me, keep them coming by contacting me at niko.giannopoulos@n4bb.com and follow us on Twitter@N4_BB for everything BlackBerry!