Welcome to another edition of Week in Review on our little corner here at N4BB. This week was very special for us as we sat down with RIM’s VP of Developer Relations, Alec Saunders, for an in-depth interview for all things blackberry which you can listen to it here.  There were alot of other exciting news so lets dive right into it.

BlackBerry10 to Have a 3D keyboard?
Lucas let us in a little secret this week, BlackBerry10 will sport a brand new TAT-ified 3D keyboard.  You can find all sorts of goodies in his post which can read here.

BBM Beta
This week we saw a new BBM build hit BlackBerry BetaZone .  Aside from a few bug fixes, nothing noticebly new here so if interested head over to BlackBerry.com/beta to download.

Police are Finger Print Scanning on a BlackBerry
UK police are using a new tool that attaches to a BlackBerry and allows for them to scan peoples finger prints. Their finger prints are then cross examined from a database to prove the individual is who they say they are. Check out a video on it here. It’s kind of creepy!

The Battle of PDF Readers
Our Own Ross hit us with another great article comparing Replico Reader and PDF to Go.  After a small review of both he concludes the winner is… well, go to Ross’ post and find out here.

RIM has extended the time period that developers can submit apps to receive a free PlayBook. For more information continue reading here.

More BlackBerry Promotions?
After my visit to Best Buy, I had the pleasure to see some major BlackBerry promotions going on. You can pick a BlackBerry 7 device for a heavy discount and some are even free. For more information read our original post here.  Also, we saw that T-Mobile is planning a ‘what is next for blackberry’ event, which you can read more information about it here.

BlackBerry 10 Images Leak?
All I can say is wow!  A fresh UI shown off in some BlackBerry 10 GOODNESS! but I wont bore you with a description because you can see for yourself in the pictures HERE! Enjoy!

PlayBook os 2.0 Coming Next Week
This week exclusively reported that February 21st will be the release of RIM’s shiny new OS! Since then, we have seen leaked documents confirming the set date and also got a confirmation thru RIM themselves in a developer webinar. I CANT WAIT!< This week we had the pleasure of having a plethora of OS leaks for almost all BB7 devices. Also, we saw the release of Plants Vs Zombies, which I am playing as we speak lol. It’s great to see major titles starting to arrive on the PlayBook.

Be on the lookout for the next Week in Review, as I have a BUNCH of goodies for you all. Till then, you can email me at niko.g@n4bb.com for anything you might want to talk about and make sure you follow us on Twitter @N4_BB for all the latest new and rumors.


PS. ANGRY BIRDS IN SPACE COMING MARCH 22 on all mobile platforms! I CANT WAIT!