Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of Week In Review. Today we will revisit Devcon Europe, a few how to do’s from our own Ross Cheriton, PlayBook Os 3.0, another awesome N4BB audio show and plenty more news that crossed our corner. So without any more delay let’s jump right into it…

Devcon Europe

On Tuesday morning myself and Lucas held a live blog of the first ever Devcon Europe.  Research In Motion’s newly appointed Ceo took the stage for his first ever Keynote. Rim posted a recap of the keynote where u can check it out  here.  In my honest opinion I thought the keynote was nothing special and a little more of the same old.  Thorsten Heins looked a little out place and awkward and we even had a mishap on stage with a playbook 2.0 demo.  Rim showed of a little more of PlayBook 2.0 Tablet OS and we also got to see a little more of the cascades ui frame thru the cooklet app.  I would love to hear your opinion of what you thought of RIM’s first ever Devcon Europe. Vote Below!

1) I Believe it was a huge  success

2) I Believe it was a little more of the same old.

BlackBerry 7.1

Tuesday evening all 9790 users got a pleasant surprise courtesy of our own Lucas with the leak of  Little did we know with this OS came a little surprise, a new feature called Battery Save Mode.  We have repeatedly received feedback from our readers complaining of the BlackBerry 7 smartphones battery life.  We believe that this has gone back to RIM and they have decided to address the issue.  Read more about this feature here.

PlayBook OS 2.0

A great indication that PlayBook Tablet OS 2.0 is close to being released is Union and Gameloft finally updating their games to be compatible.  If you are  already on the Beta 2.0 head over to appworld and start updating now!

PlayBook OS 3.0

One of our most trusted sources let us know this week that RIM has already began working on a follow up to OS 2.0.  Details are very limited as you can imagine but we are working hard to get you more details.  Read the original post here.

How To Do’s

Ross Cheriton gave us three How To Do’s this week and all are excellent reads. I strongly suggest you click the links below and start the learning progress!

1) How to setup Wi-Fi on the PlayBook

2) How to side load android apps on the PlayBook

3) How to set up and use BlackBerry Bridge on the Playbook

N4BB Audio Show #4

Our latest edition of our Bi-Weekly podcast is now available for your listening pleasure. Myself Ross and Lucas engage in a fun debate concerning Devcon Europe and all things Blackberry.  I strongly recommend you join the website and enjoy the members only after show were all gloves are off. Unedited Raw and full of explicit language (making the FCC furious I bet lol) is definitely a must listen! Click Here and Enjoy!


Closing Thoughts

This was an interesting week for rim while Devcon was in full swing  talking blackberry10  we saw another major company in Halliburton deciding to go to the competition. I personally find it incredible that companies are willing to switch to one of the most unsecured platforms out there. I am looking forward to Playbook 2.0 and hopefully soon I can get my hands on one of those OEM BlackBerry PlayBook Docks! Anyway #TeamBlackberry I want to apologize for the lack of a Week in Review post for last week but the NFL Super Bowl festivities got the best of me lol! Last but not least I want to announce that Monday Lucas and I are joined by RIM’s V.P. Of Developer Relations Alec Saunders for an interview you won’t want to miss! Have a wonderful weekend everyone and we ll talk more this coming week.  Don’t forget to email me your questions at niko.giannopoulos@n4bb.com and follow us on twitter @N4_BB for all the latest news and rumor in the world of BlackBerry!!!!