Welcome to end of the week in BlackBerry news!  And boy, it’s been a busy one.  We’ve got app updates, new phone releases, OS leaks, BB10 news and much more!


The popular movie streaming service has openly said it has no plans to support the BlackBerry PlayBook despite a recent petition to bring the service to the BlackBerry platform.  Over 5000 signatures from the petition were collected in a short time, which aimed to persuade Netflix to re-consider supporting the PlayBook.  Keep fighting #TeamBlackberry!

New Blackberry Curve 9320

RIM is preparing to release the new BlackBerry Curve 9320 in international markets.  The new 2G Curve is expected to come with an extremely attractive price with many of the features found on the Curve 9360.

App World Updated

A new update to the BlackBerry App World on BlackBerry Smartphones has been released.  This version comes packing alternate billing options in the purchase confirmation screen, a UI refresh for the Review submission screen and other bug fixes.

RIM awarded Rhythm-to-Unlock Patent

This week RIM has been awarded a patent which allows you to lock a device using a sophisticated tap pattern.  The lockscreen password is sensitive to accelerometer data, effectively knowing where on the screen, when, and how hard you tap your password in.

Pure white Bold 9900 in Taiwan

Calling all those fans of white smartphones in Taiwan, you’re in luck!  The BlackBerry Bold 9900 is now available in a pure white color.

New N4BB BBM-connected app for Blackberry smartphones!

Now for the news you’ve all been waiting for! N4BB now has its own BlackBerry app for BlackBerry smartphones!  You can download it here at N4BB.com.  Complete with RSS feeds of the latest news on BlackBerry, you now have a quick way to get your N4BB fix!

The BlackBerry Torch 9850 gets

(Finally) showing some love for the all-touch BlackBerry Torch 9850, a new leaked OS is available for download.  Four letters everyone, DLNA!  This means you wireless media sharing with your PS3, XBox, TV, Computer, or whatever device with those magical letters is now possible with your Torch 9850.                                                            

BB10 Super-app integration

Our friends over at BerryReview have revealed that the SuperApp concepts and BBM connectedness we have all seen in BlackBerry OS 6 and 7 will be implemented into the new BB10 platform coming later this year.

Pacemaker and RIM announce DJ app

RIM has partnered with now revived Pacemaker company to produce an exclusive DJ app for the BlackBerry PlayBook.  The announcement, which was made at World Mobile Congress 2012, revealed features such as auto beatmatching, vinyl mode with scratching, digital mode, looping, loop travel, pitch control, beat skip and “pro level” effects will be included in the app.


PlayBook 2.0 NDK released

After spending some time in Beta, the PlayBook’s NDK 2.0 has been released as is available for download.  The PlayBook simulator 2.0 and Scoreloop SDK were also released as part of the new developer’s package.

TAT at Mobile World Congress

Among the impressive demonstrations at Mobile World Congress, the software wizards of “The Astonishing Tribe”(TAT) stood out by demonstrating a visually stunning document sharing app concept using multiple PlayBooks.

14 Days of the BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0

With the release of OS 2.0 for the BlackBerry PlayBook, N4BB is giving you an extensive day-by-day review of all the new features of the new operating system.  Continuing this Monday, reviews of the new App World, Android Apps, and many other aspects are coming up, so stay tuned!

Additional editing by Ross Cheriton