The ability to use Android apps on BlackBerry devices has been quite a game-changer since OS 10.2.1 came along and made it easy for us. The sheer volume of available apps has inspired thousands of articles about the Top 50 Apps Of The Year and the like; this one’s a little different, though. We’re going to look at the bizarre, weird and sometimes unsettling apps that are making us laugh/cringe/look puzzled.


The microbiological fun never stops with Amoebattle, an infect-em-up adventure in which you control single-celled organisms in order to, well, not die. It’s quite a lot more fun than it sounds, with a rather beautiful design and twelve missions to complete. Mutating was never so much fun.

Rock Paper Scissors

Fans of The Big Bang Theory will be waiting for Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock, but they may have to wait a while; SportsInteraction has, however, released an online version of Rock Paper Scissors. It’s you against the computer, and you can play for real money if you choose. A 4 match winning streak will get you 78 times your stake!

Pimple Popper

Bubble wrap games are old news now. Its zit bursting action the young folks are into these days. Pimple Popper is exactly as revolting as you might imagine, but the huge number of Android downloads it’s achieved is a testament to humanity’s ability to derive pleasure from the most unlikely sources.

Ghost Radar Classic

The beauty of superstition is that people can build any kind of myths around it and many will become True Believers. Ghost Radar Classic puts some sciencey-lookin’ stuff on your screen and “scans” the area for ghosts. There are no ghosts, obviously, but it might entertain you on a stormy night if you have some exceptionally gullible friends.

Strange Sounds

A few years ago, everyone had nutty ringtones. Then everyone went back to 1930’s telephone rings. Now it must be time to get weird again. Strange Sounds is an app that promises to make your phone more annoying than you could possibly imagine, with a selection of horrible alarms and irritating alien noises. It sounds, as you can probably guess, awful, but it looks quite nice. Only you can decide if that sounds like your kind of thing.

Surgeon Simulator

If you’ve always wanted to help people who are in pain or ill, this last app is definitely not for you. Surgeon Simulator could justifiably have been called Incompetent Murderer, but if you can survive the gore-soaked ghastliness (unlike your patient, usually), you’ll find it’s utterly hilarious. Perhaps the eye surgery task is a little too much before breakfast, though.


(Image courtesy of play.google.com)