Welcome new BlackBerry users!

The BlackBerryZ10 is launching in Canada today, and already has launched in the UK, as more new users try BlackBerry for the first time, or people returning after flirting with another Platform N4BB is here to help you familiarize yourself with All things BlackBerry.

BlackBerry 10 is a whole new way of getting things done, and let N4BB help you learn how to get the most out of your BlackBerryZ10,

Here are a few links to get you Started, reach out in the forums with any questions and we’ll be glad to help!

The BlackBerry HUB, your 1 stop messaging shop

Niko’s Must Have BlackBerry10 Apps

Using Copy, Paste, Word Correction

BlackBerry Memo pad on Steroids (Remember App)

BlackBerry’s iconic BBM on BlackBerry 10

Using Peak and Flow

Keep checking back as we keep providing helpful videos and stories to get the most out of your BlackBerryZ10

Welcome to #teamBlackBerry, and Welcome HOME