We have just pulled the trigger on a very tough decision. We have decided to pull N4BB’s BlackBerry, iOS, and Android apps.

We’ve decided this same fate for our sister site, IntoAndroid.com, and will not plan apps for any of our future websites.

We have worked extremely diligently to build one of the best performing websites, not only within the BlackBerry community, but within the world.

Our responsive website is nearly 90% faster than all websites currently on the web, who have undergone speed analysis from Pingdom. No matter what medium you’re viewing our site on (smartphone, tablet, desktop) our website will responsively resize accordingly for an optimal viewing experience.

With our latest redesign, we introduced the ability to connect to our site with 14 different social networks. Additionally, for those with regular accounts, the login experience now works perfectly. This has allowed a wide variety of users the capability to login and engage in discussions on our articles.

Our apps did not offer this luxury. Nor, were we able to integrate it. The user experience of our website is better in every way than on our apps. There were many limitations of our apps that we do not have to sacrifice with the web experience.

For example, when trying to view a video within an article… it works flawlessly on our website. Whereas, it was hit or miss on our apps. There were issues affecting user comments and many more problems not upholding to the quality standards we would have liked.

This decision was sparked by recent comments from BlackBerry CEO, John Chen, who would like to see “app neutrality.” Though, we realized our content was entirely web based and the apps created division and usability issues with our content.

We’ve taken a similar approach to The Verge. “Apps are great, but The Verge is a website, and we want people to have the best experience with our content where it is created and designed to be viewed. Which is on the web. Because we’re a website,” their editor-in-chief, Nilay Patel, told readers.

Nevertheless, we deeply thank the hundred of thousands who did download our apps and enjoyed their use. Our app is no longer available within BlackBerry World. If you already have the app installed, content will not render, and it will infinitely cycle. It would be in your interest to remove the app.

We recommend you bookmark N4BB.com in your browser for quick access. Additionally, follow our BBM Channel C0001EA85 for notifications of new articles.