We’re constantly and diligently working to improve on the user experience at N4BB. We’ve now made it easier for users to login and/or register, and access their profile.

We allow users to login via social networks Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. Otherwise, a user can login traditionally. We’ve moved the placement of the account access to:


Clicking the Account icon will activate a popup modal that will allow you to login:


If you’re not a registered member, you can either use one of the three supported social networks or click ‘Create an Account’ to switch to this view:


In only five simple steps, you’ll be registering on N4BB. You will receive an email in order to activate your account. If you do not see the email right away, please check spam folder.

Once you’re all set and logged in, you’ll see the account icon change to your current avatar:


You can click your avatar to activate another popup modal with two options:


Here you can select to either view your profile, which will let you then edit and customize it, or you can simply logout. When logged in you can change your avatar, add a background header image and more, see how here.

We have extended these features directly on our mobile compatible render of the site too. If you do not see the changes, please clear your browser cache and manually refresh the page.

As always, we thank everyone for being apart of N4BB and making it blossom into one of the best BlackBerry communities in the world.