If you hadn’t noticed, we rolled out a refreshed design to N4BB for the start of the new year.

There are many new changes and bug fixes. One particular issue many users were experiencing was that of login / registering.

We are happy to have made the process not only more seamless, but work. Some users unfortunately experienced issues with the previous Ajax login not functioning. Today, that has all changed.

You can now properly login if already registered. Or, you can quickly register a new account and have your password emailed to you, which can later be changed by editing your profile.

Additionally, we’ve extended the social networking login/register capabilities. Now you can use one of 14 available options to login or register to N4BB with your favorite social account.

Currently available social networks include:

  1. Amazon
  2. Blogger
  3. Disqus
  4. Facebook
  5. Foursquare
  6. Google
  7. Instagram
  8. LinkedIn
  9. OpenID
  10. Reddit
  11. Twitter
  12. Windows Live
  13. WordPress
  14. YouTube

Now, you have no excuse why to not have access to N4BB’s forums, giveaways, ability to comment on articles, and more. Simply click the login/join button on the desktop view, or in mobile view click the menu icon to the left of our logo.

Once you’re all registered and logged in, you can begin customizing your profile further. See how to do that here.

We hope you like the new changes to N4BB and join our thriving BlackBerry community!