With the release of BlackBerry App World 2.0, RIM introduced the BBID, otherwise known as BlackBerry ID. This little app allowed you to have an App World account that stored all of the apps you downloaded via the BBID account versus them being PIN locked to your current device. This let users seamlessly transition between devices without losing the apps they had purchased in App World. It seems RIM is now interested in taking BBID to the next level by making it your universal key to unlock various BlackBerry services.

Once you’ve signed up for a BBID, you get the following message e-mailed to you with details about what BBID will be.

With your BlackBerry ID you can:

  • Log into your favorite services using just one email address and password.
  • Manage and enjoy your downloads, and protect your BlackBerry App World credit card purchases.
  • Ensure all your apps come with you when you upgrade, restore, or get a new BlackBerry device.
  • And enjoy future Blackberry ID apps and services currently in development. So stay tuned!

We told you earlier that RIM was planning to merge BIS and BBID together. Perhaps, this could be for BIS related services on non-BlackBerry devices, and also as means to manage your BlackBerry services. Upon signing up for a BBID, you also get to pick a screen name. This will most likely be your publicly displayed name when you use certain apps. Our guess is that we will eventually see BBID merge with BBM in such a way to manage your contacts all in one place and manage how you interact in games and 3rd party apps.

BBID is said to be what you see when you first boot up an OS 6.1 device, requiring you to login. It seems BBID will be what you’ll use to manage almost everything on your BlackBerry from e-mail addresses, contacts, to calendar, and more. We’re very eager to see what kind of BBID apps RIM has been building and if they intend to open BBID up to 3rd parties.

If you haven’t already, we recommend that you sign-up for a BBID before all of the great screen names are taken. You can get a BBID by signing up here.