If you frequently stay up-to-date with the news, you’ll know that BBM 6 has hit the streets unofficially. So far it seems BBM 6 will likely release with OS 6.1 first and later trickle down. The first BBM 6 leak (v6.0.0.31) brought users the ability to send file transfers of a larger size. No word yet on what the cap may be, or if there even is one.

The latest new feature, hat tip to BlackBerryBase for spotting it in BBM v6.0.0.56, is new message colors. You can set the chat bubble colors for each contact. A pretty cool customization feature. Hopefully soon, BBM 6 will pack all of the features we heard rumored about and later confirmed at MCW 2011. It will be even more interesting to see what BBM v6.0.0.74 (rumored to be floating around) has built into it. We’re eager for BBM 6’s official release and so far these leaks have been wetting our pallet. Check the leaks, but we don’t recommend installing, that is only if you don’t mind potentially bricking your device!