WhatsApp had their website briefly hacked earlier today by a group calling themselves KDMS, an apparent offshoot of the Anonymous hacktivist group.

While the WhatsApp website was defaced, it is unclear if any data was compromised. However, some users reported they were unable to download photos. The hack looks to have routed WhatsApp.com traffic to an alternate IP address, which allowed the defacers to setup a custom splash page.

WhatsApp has been known for mismanaging security protocols with user data. It was realized early in WhatsApp history that chats could be extracted in pure text. Although, now the chats are encrypted and a hacker would need to be knowledgeable in capturing network traffic, calculate the MD5 hash of the target IMEI number and decrypt the messages.

That still doesn’t take away from the fact that their website was compromised. How can you entrust your personal communications with a company who can’t even thwart a simple website defacing?

As BBM begins to venture into the multi-platform territory, it should position itself as the most feature robust and secure multi-platform messenger, period.

via CNET