WhatsApp Has No Plans to Support BlackBerry 10

WhatsApp Has No Plans to Support BlackBerry 10

WhatsApp, a very popular cross-platform messaging app, doesn’t seem to have interest in BlackBerry 10. Though, that might not entirely be a bad thing.

WhatsApp has come under criticism for its lack of security. Messages can be easily stolen, as they aren’t encrypted. But, even if you did want to use the app it more than likely will not make its way onto BB10.

A WhatsApp spokesperson responded to CrackBerry saying, “We have no plans to support BlackBerry 10 at the moment, sorry.” Sad for some, but they never said never.

Perhaps WhatsApp is on a ‘wait and see’ approach like many other top tiered developers. Time will only tell, but if you want WhatsApp on BB10, contact them and let them know.

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