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WhatsApp Wants Its Users To Know Their Data Is Safe… Even From Facebook

WhatsApp Wants Its Users To Know Their Data Is Safe… Even From Facebook

WhatsApp founder, Jan Koum, wants you to know your data will be safe, even from its new parent company, Facebook. The company published a blog post today addressing concerns that its recent acquisition will lead to user data being stored or collected by social media giant, Facebook. According to WhatsApp, that’s just not the case. WhatsApp, the ridiculously popular messaging app that Facebook purchased last month for $19 billion, claims they are not in the business of data collecting, so there is nothing to worry about on that end.

“If partnering with Facebook meant that we had to change our values, we wouldn’t have done it,” said WhatsApp CEO Jan Koum on the company’s blog. “It has the effect of scaring people into thinking we’re suddenly collecting all kinds of new data. That’s just not true, and it’s important to us that you know that.”

Whether or not you believe WhatsApp’s CEO is a completely different story though. For now, this is the message they are putting out there publicly, and unless someone has evidence to the contrary, that’s the way it seems to be.

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