Nemory Studios has released a new app called Where’s My Phone that will help locate your phone should something happen to it. The app is available now in BlackBerry Beta Zone. Check out the rest of the details below.

Welcome to The New and Revamped “Where’s My Phone” app now called “PhoneFinder”!


Whether it’s lost at home, at work, or anywhere else. Just a simple SMS, Email and you can command PhoneFinder to help you Locate your lost phone. It will give you so much detailed information such as Direct URL to locate your phone in a Map with Directions, Battery, SDCard, and Cellular Information.

– Please treat this as beta
– Trigger code in emails can be read in the subject only.
– Existing Where’s My Phone Users don’t have to pay again.

– Auto Reply Detailed Reports to Sender (SMS & Email) Option
– Override Notification Settings to Normal and Push 5 Notifications with Sound (like a Sound Alarm)
– Check Required Permissions
– Free Trial Version
– Security Password Lock Option
– Dark Theme Option
– Auto Wipe Specific Folders Option

How does this differentiate from BlackBerry Protect?
– It does not require internet (via SMS Triggers)
– It doesn’t require a Website that require’s Internet
– It doesn’t require BlackBerry ID Authentication
– Gives you more detailed reports from your phone.

Check out Where’s My Phone in BlackBerry Beta Zone