A white version of the BlackBerry Classic is on the way, which we first exclusively revealed. Today, we’re getting some in-the-flesh pictures of what it will look like when it finally becomes available for purchase.

MondoBlackBerry scored the exclusive photos and shared some extra details about the Classic’s white variant.

This variant does not differ for materials used than the traditional black version: the doubts, in fact, were initially focused on the choice of materials used in the back cover that in other BlackBerry 10 models differed in quality and ergonomics in the black version and the white one. This BlackBerry Classic instead rubberized plastic appears to be the same used in the black thus providing an adequate grip as we saw in our review.

I personally love white phones, so I may have to grab one of these myself and sell my black one instead.

Don’t forget, this isn’t the only different Classic we’re expected to see. BlackBerry CEO John Chen let us know back at the Classic launch that we’d see bronze and blue variations as well.

We’re not sure exactly when the white Classic will drop, but it’s probably not that far off. Check out some additional picture below.