White leather DBrand skin review

White leather DBrand skin review

DBrand makes vinyl skins for the BlackBerry Z10. I personally don’t use skins on my phone and I am hesitant to do so because I am very specific and precise with these types of things. That being said I was nervous applying the skin, but the first thing that was a positive was that the skin removed easily when I was refitting the device with the skin. There was no sticky residue which was positive as well. One suggestion I would make is for the skin piece for the top and bottom to cover the full piece because part of the skin is cut a little smaller for the screen itself, which I can understand but looks a little odd. I think it was noticeable because I was putting it on a black z10. The skin is easy enough to put on without following any instructions which was provided by DBrand.

The skin I had was the white leather skin. It was a nice look on the device something I could definitely carry around. The feel of the back piece was not bad and gave the device a little bit of a grip to it. That is nice especially if you have the skin on a red or white z10 which has a smooth back. I personally don’t like white especially if it gets dirty but I didn’t see that with the white leather skin. It does not add any bulk to the device which is a great for me, I do not like bulk because I put my phone in my pocket. For anyone who wants a nice white look to their z10, I definitely recommend getting the white leather skin for the z10. I did try removing the skin like a week later for another skin to test and I had issues removing it. This may be because i dont really have much fingernails but I was able to remove it after a few tries.

You can find this and more skins at DBrand.

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