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With Wikitude’s all-new SDK based on the ARchitect Engine, developers are only a few clicks away from integrating the World’s leading Augmented Reality platform with their apps.

Since the initial announcement of Wikitude ARchitect at the ARE conference in Silicon Valley in 2011 the ARchitect Engine is the brand new framework for creating Augmented Reality content. Based on common web technologies including HTML, CSS and JavaScript, the ARchitect Engine puts the power of Augmented Reality directly in the hands of the developers with multimedia support and advanced interaction possibilities.  Including the ability to define GeoObjects, Drawables, and various interaction triggers (Field of Vision, Clicks, etc.), the ARchitect Engine is ready to power developer creativity right out of the box. Powerful, flexible, simple and industry standard based, the Architect Engine enables developers to engage directly with their users on their terms.

The Wikitude ARchitect Engine is an Augmented Reality JavaScript framework embedded in an HTML web view which sits atop the Wikitude camera view and allows developers to control the objects in the camera view. With the all new  Wikitude SDK, this highly efficient Augmented Reality View is now available to integrate into 3rd party apps.

“We are truly excited to get the ARchitect Engine out there to developers! With this release, our goal was to make our powerful yet simple Augmented Reality platform as easy to work with as possible.  We’ve already had a few amazing examples built by our beta testing team, and we’re looking forward to see what creative developers can do with ARchitect,” says Lead Architect Engineer Wolfgang Damm.

Available now in trial version, the all-new SDK based on the ARchitect Engine is available for download for both iOS and Android based devices and allows for the development of truly enriched Augmented Reality experiences. Additionally, developers can publish ARchitect based Worlds within the new Wikitude World Browser 6.5, which is already available for download.

The full version of the SDK will be available soon and can be licensed for commercial projects. Developers of non-commercial projects can integrate the SDK for free.

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