OEM hardware for upcoming devices have been popping up left and right. One thing you might notice is that there are varying touchscreen w/ digitizers being sold. We spotted a Torch 9860 (Monza) touchscreen for sale on eBay, that clearly shows the keypad buttons are flush with the touchscreen. More OEM touchscreens from TrueSupplier for the Torch 9860 spotted by BerryReview show the Torch 9860 to have raised keypad buttons.

However, we’ve been given a revisions doc for the Torch 9860, dated March 24th, 2011, which states that the keypad and ONM button height is not finalized. Furthermore, it says that the “buttons [are] to be raised slightly above flush”. This begs the question, how will the buttons be on Torch 9860 and 9850? If the above revisions doc is still current, it looks like the buttons we’ve seen on the Monaco/Monza will be raised, physical buttons, and not flush with the touchscreen (damn).