BlackBerry 10 will introduce a new power consumption saving capability. Users will be able to select a light or dark ‘skin’ with some gray areas in between. According to the leaked documents we showed, RIM intends to promote a more dark theme to conserve battery life. Here’s a recap on what RIM says about the colorization of BlackBerry 10 operating system user interface:

In general, the dark an image is, the less power it will use. If you think of each OLED pixel as a mini-flashlight, the more flashlights you turn on or the brighter you shine them, the shorter the battery will last. Black themes and backgrounds are preferable for OLED-displays.

White theme may still be used to ensure readability when focus is on reading content for longer time (Email and Docs To Go). When using white theme, color values of white backgrounds will be programmatically adjusted towards gray, by the device itself. Single core components and smaller areas will not be possible to automatically adjust with good result, hence they need to be adjusted upfront.

With this knowledge in hand, will you utilize a darker theme in all areas of BlackBerry 10? Or, will you stick with the traditional lighter look? Vote in the poll and sound off in the comments to let us know why you’d choose one over the other.

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