Windows 10 released this week, but for desktops. Though, little was announced for the mobile version of Windows 10. However, Microsoft executive in South Africa Anthony Doherty, Windows and Surface Business Group Lead at Microsoft SA, has given a tip.

“November timeframe” says Doherty for Windows 10 mobile. Doherty also addressed concerns by Windows Phone fans who have been upset with Microsoft building apps for Android and iOS. Microsoft apparently wants mobile users to “get access to the toolsets they prefer and love, across any ecosystem. That’s been our strategy all along,” says Doherty.


“Obviously, there’s some duplication in engineering, sales and marketing, but it doesn’t change our strategy around mobility. Windows 10 Mobile is coming and it’s coming strong…”Our core platform is Windows 10. It’s mobile in nature, not just the device, but the experience people will have. So there’s a big emphasis on the… mobile phone side of it. But there’s more thunder on that coming later in the year,” Doherty said.

Nevertheless, if you’re a Windows Phone user eager to get the Windows 10 update, keep your calendar booked for sometime in November.

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