Wmode has announced that their latest version 2.1 of the Velocity Enterprise Platform will be unveiled at the upcoming BlackBerry Enterprise Forums. The event, which will be held in Washington, San Francisco, Chicago and New York, will be having Wmode showcasing their Velocity Enterprise tool and an introductory app template suite on BlackBerry 10 devices. Check out the press release below for more information:

Press Release

CALGARY, ALBERTA–(Marketwire – February 20, 2013) – Wmode is pleased to unveil the latest version 2.1 of the Velocity Enterprise Platform at the upcoming BlackBerry Experience Forums. Presenting at the BlackBerry Enterprise Forums being held in Washington, San Francisco, Chicago and New York, Wmode will showcase the innovative Velocity Enterprise tool and its introductory app template suite on BB10 devices that businesses can utilize once registering.

With this years’ theme of “Keeping your Business Moving” at the BlackBerry Experience Forums, Wmode understands how critical it is in today’s competitive markets to mobilize your business quickly and efficiently. First launching in 2009, Velocity set out to redefine the enterprise market by allowing companies to mobilize their work force faster and more efficiently, across platforms using their unique no-middleware approach. With the exciting launch of BB10, Velocity applications can transparently run on all platforms including BB10 devices, older BlackBerry’s, iOS and Android. “We’re thrilled to join BlackBerry on their North American tour, they have always had a strong foot-hold in the enterprise market and that is where our value proposition shines the strongest, Companies are seeing the value of unlocking their enterprise applications and are redefining how their employees work. We’re pleased to provide the tools to make that easier” says Trevor Nimegeers, SVP Enterprise Mobility Solutions at Wmode and Velocity founder.

To further celebrate the launch of BB10, Velocity Version 2.1 will also come with an introductory set of five app templates that enterprises can utilize once registering. These white labeled apps will enable enterprises to quickly tie the apps to their own enterprise systems to enable work processes including: corporate directories, workflow approvals, time entry, portal/intranet viewing and work-orders.

Speaking to the state of enterprises in mobility, Emanuel Bertolin CEO of Wmode commented: “Wmode is seeing many opportunities in the enterprise market and is pleased to showcase our new investments in Velocity.”