Who doesn’t like a good game to play when traveling or you just have a lot of time to spare? For a dollar in app world, you can purchase WordsPlus. If you are hesitant to purchase the app, there is a free version which you can try and then upgrade in app as well. The paid version has no ads and scoreloop integration included.


The interface of this game is nice and simple and uses BlackBerry 10 based gestures to go into different options and settings. It is a nice, clean look which I prefer for a game. There are three skill levels which are easy, medium and hard. The game also has 16 different categories and 3 possible themes.


At the bottom, you swipe to start playing a level. The levels are timed and based on your time, you get a score. This score is cumulative as you play the game over and over. The nice thing is that this game definitely has replay value, so that dollar for the app seems compensated for based on my playing this app and my brother as well played several hours of the app.


There are some points which i think could have been changed or made better personally. One issue i had was if you swipe too quickly on the word, which I did occasionally because of time based, it doesn’t seem to register the whole swipe although you could go back to the last letter that was highlighted. Another thing is that I could only select words the correct way, I wish I was able to select the letters backwards and it would register the answer. One other issue I found was sometimes the game would not always read your selection properly and that the line you start seems to break sometimes unless you are able to choose an answer that way seems to be a nuisance. This may be due to how i was selecting the word on screen.


The intended word here was showers.

Overall, the game is fun and hours of gameplay. The look and feel is nice in the game and easy to pick up. I would definitely recommend playing this game. As with a game I reviewed before, Sequent, which is from the same developer, there will be updates to the app in the future.

For more information and to purchase the app, click here.