Everyone knows BlackBerry is the king of multitasking and productivity, but you still can’t do two things at a time, which is why Work Wide was created. Work Wide is a BlackBerrry 10 app that takes productivity to the next level on you BlackBerry Passport. It lets you use the wide screen to open two apps at the same time, side by side. These are some of the features:

  • Browser: Full HTML5 web browsing experience, with reader mode (press “R”).
  • Composer: Send, Save, Share messages and notes. Opening saved messages will open its accompanying “app” (browser, picture, etc.) exactly where you left off.
  • Calculator: Similar to the native calculator, complete with calculation history. Ability to run two calculators at once.
  • Picture Viewer: View pictures stored on your device, media card, or connected cloud storage.
  • Txt Viewer: View .txt files directly in the split screen. Doc, Xls, ppt, and pdf available but will open full screen. However, Work Wide allows you to quickly reopen those files for easy access.
  • First time opened Welcome Tour (able to be viewed again via the Info Page).
  • Swap sides of each “app”.
  • Adjust widths to allow for larger viewing of one of the sides.
  • Live active frame to that changes based off your active “apps”.

Work Wide is now available in BlackBerry World only for the BlackBerry Passport for $2.99.