We are getting closer and closer to the release of the Q10 and developers are starting to update their apps for the latest BlackBerry device. Dragoş Filipovici (former theme dev known as BerryGlowDesigns) has updated his Workahol app bringing many new features along with support for the qwerty keyboard.

Here are some of the features
Quick description: the Workahol app helps you stay organized by creating quick notes and lists which you can sort by priority or by name, and also – because time is money – lets you keep track of your expenses. You get a clean and very easy to use dark UI which is also very good on battery life; a header with the current day’s date&current time so you don’t have to peek outside the app for this info when you’re in a rush. Advanced description:
– create notes (title + block of text).
– create lists (title + list of items). 
– create expenses (title + ‘total’ field updated in real time + list of name/value items).  
– set priorities for notes&lists, mark them as ‘done’.
– create duplicate lists. (for example, when you have a template of things to do for specific clients)
– delete checked items inside lists&expenses.
– quickly switch between viewing notes, lists or expenses. 
– sort notes&lists by name/by priority.
– integrated with BlackBerry Messenger™.
– pick up right where you left off: the Workahol app remembers the last tab and sort you used.  
– press and hold any note, list or expense to reveal its context menu (where you can edit/delete an item, duplicate it, mark it as done).
– pure black backgrounds great for longer battery life. Current time&date header on the app’s initial screen. 
What v2.0 brings new:
– fully reworked the entire UI on all screens – now fully custom, cleaner and easier to use.
Home screen:
– removed swipe-down menu bar. You can now access Options by tapping on the date/clock header.
– implemented list templating: tap&hold any list and select the ‘Create duplicate’ button from its context menu.
– context menu is now draggable (brought by the latest bbUI.js update).
– fixed minor visual bug when deleting notes/lists/expenses.
– reduced file size.
– removed active frame (now displays minimized version of the app).
Editing screens:
– removed the ‘save’ button, added a dropdown menu. The ‘back’ button will now also automatically save any changes.
– added checkboxes to lists&expenses and the ability to delete checked items.
– removed auto focus on text fields when viewing previously created notes/lists/expenses.
– fixed other minor bugs.
You can find Workahol Here