And the three winners are…




Thank you to everyone who joined this giveaway. Stay tuned for more great giveaways and content!

We’re always trying our best to give away BlackBerry smartphones and accessories. Diehard fans certainly deserve winning their favorite products from time to time.

We have been planning an epic giveaway for the Holidays since the launch of the Passport. After we pushed the Passport’s durability to the limits, many cringed at the sight of a dead Passport. Behold, now is a chance to get a living, breathing Passport in your hands.

One just isn’t cool enough, we’re coming at you with THREE (3) BlackBerry Passports (SQW100-1) in Piano Black! We’re changing things up a bit and utilizing a new sweepstakes system to manage this giveaway.

You will be able to earn 19 total points towards your entry. Only one is absolutely required: leaving a comment to this post telling us “how the Passport will let you #WorkWide.” The remaining options for entry are optional, but may increase your chance of winning in our random drawing using the Randomizer from

This giveaway is available to all contestants worldwide, 13 years or older. The giveaway will run from (12am EST) November 11th – December 11th, 2014, with the three (3) winners announced within 48hrs. Please see the full giveaway Terms and Conditions below the entry form.

Giveaway now closed.