Wrapsol has just announced a new line of protective films for the BlackBerry phone, Wrapsol “clean”. The new clean films are anti-glare and anti-fingerprint scratch-proof screen protectors that resist build-up of oily residue and dirt leaving your BlackBerry screen looking and feeling “clean”. The film also comes with a minor matte finish which helps cut glare for better visibility in full sun or under bright light.

The custom-cut Wrapsol clean screen protectors start at $14.95 and are available at www.wrapsol.com.

Full press release below:

Combining fingerprint and glare-resistant screens with scratch protection, Wrapsol keeps devices and mobile handsets looking & performing like new
WEYMOUTH, Mass., October 2010—Wrapsol, LLC., a leading maker of protective film solutions, introduced Wrapsol clean, a line of anti-glare and anti-fingerprint protective film wraps and screen protectors for today’s leading mobile devices. Wrapsol clean is available immediately for a wide range of portable consumer electronics including Apple’s iPad, iPhone and iPod lines, current HTC, Samsung and Blackberry mobile handsets and Sony PSP gaming systems with an MSRP starting at $14.95.
Wrapsol clean is a uniquely formulated film that actively resists the oily residues and dirt responsible for the touch screen “gumming up” effect, leaving displays looking and feeling clean. The film’s slight matte finish helps cut screen glare for greater visibility in full sun and under bright overhead lighting inside.
Like all Wrapsol protection systems, clean films are custom-cut for individual devices and go far beyond simple screen protectors to defend screen and exterior surfaces against the threats of everyday use like key gouges and scuffs from abrasive grit or accidental slides across damaging surfaces. Using a fool-proof, patent-pending dry application process that automatically releases air bubbles, Wrapsol clean installs in an instant without changing the look or diminishing screen sensitivity of the device.
“All the swiping, sliding and tapping that goes on with many consumer devices and mobile handsets can leave their sensitive screens vulnerable to scratch damage and display-obscuring fingerprints,” said Lew Cohen, founder and president of Wrapsol. “Using the absolute latest in adhesive technology, Wrapsol clean addresses both of those challenges to give consumers device protection they can trust.”
Wrapsol clean is the latest addition to the Wrapsol family of device protection systems that also includes Wrapsol ultra, the first-ever line of adhesive films with a shock absorption property that helps to protect devices from damage even in cases of falls of up to 6 feet. Together, Wrapsol clean and Wrapsol ultra represent the easiest to apply, strongest and the most durable device protection systems on the market today.
Wrapsol’s full suite of protective film products covers Apple’s iPod, iPhone, iPod and MacBook notebook lines, the latest Android-based mobile handsets from HTC and Samsung, handsets from Blackberry and Nokia and mobile gaming devices like the Sony PSP Go. For a complete list of devices covered visit www.wrapsol.com.
All Wrapsol products come in 100% recyclable packaging.
About Wrapsol
Wrapsol LLC is a leading maker of protective film solutions for today’s most popular consumer electronics devices and mobile phone handsets including the Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, Android-based mobile phones, Sony and Asus netbook computers, the Amazon Kindle e-reader and the Sony PSP and Nintendo DSi gaming systems. All Wrapsol films are precision cut to the device they cover for a glove-like fit that won’t change the look or lines of the device at all. More information about Wrapsol and its product lines can be found at www.wrapsol.com.