About a year ago I wrote an article about my initial thoughts on the BlackBerry Passport where I expressed my disdain towards its design. I come before you now humbled and ready to eat my words. As it turns out, I was wrong about the BlackBerry Passport.

A little over a week ago, I lost my Z30 at the bottom of the Guadalupe River in Texas. Long story short, I had it in a waterproof pouch around my neck and the lanyard tore. My wonderful Z30 then sank to the bottom. It was a difficult loss, and I went about a week without my phone. What made it more difficult was the knowledge that my phone still worked as it was hanging out on the river’s bottom.

Losing one phone, however, is nothing more than an excuse to get a new one. That’s exactly what I did. I got my hands on the Passport five days later.

I ripped open the package as soon as I picked it up from FedEx, eager to finally see this massive phone in person. As huge of a BlackBerry fan that I am, I had yet to actually put my hands on the phone.

Well, my initial reaction was just like it was when I originally saw the prototype pictures over a year ago. “Ugh this phone is huge and ugly!” Then I took it out of the box and turned it on.

Music began to play. The clouds were swept away and the sun began to shine. I was instantly in love as soon as it powered up.

Is the phone big? Yes. Did it take me some time to get used to its odd size? Yes, but by some time I mean a matter of minutes. Is the keyboard weird because it only has three rows? Yes, but I mastered it by the end of that day.

I’m not going to go in to a full review of the phone because we’ve already got a great one here on the site. What I will say is that I’m happy I was wrong about this phone. Everything about it is phenomenal.

While I do think there’s no such thing as a perfect phone, I will say that the BlackBerry Passport is by far one of my favorite devices I’ve ever used. Sure, I’m almost a year late to the party, but I’m happy to join the ranks of Passport owners. I imagine this will be the phone I use for a long time.

At least until that Slider comes out.