Yahoo!’s new CEO, Marissa Mayer, has informed employees that they can choose a new smartphone of their choice and Yahoo! will even cover the monthly bill for voice and data. However, it seems Yahoo! is snubbing BlackBerry.

Yahoo! employees in 22 countries can now choose a handset from Apple, HTC, Nokia or Samsung including the recently announced iPhone 5, the Galaxy S III, HTC’s One X or Evo 4G LTE or Nokia’s Lumia 920. The CEO says she wants her employees to have devices similar to their users so they can think and work as the majority of their customers do.

However, absent from the list is any BlackBerry. Some have suggested that Mayer’s decision to move away from BlackBerry as their corporate phone could signify to the industry that she believes Research In Motion won’t have a miraculous comeback and is a dead company.

It’s an ironic scenario given how many people believe Yahoo! to be a dead company. Nonetheless, it will be interesting to see how Yahoo! determines BlackBerry 10 receptiveness once on the market.

via TechSpot