Today marks the one year mark from when I ditched my iPhone 4 for a BlackBerry.

I had previous experience with a BlackBerry while I was working in Northern California in the summer of 2012, where I bought a used Bold 9700. I was unimpressed at the screen quality, and the keyboard was a pain in the neck to type with. The worst was simply trying to get used to a new platform.

After using it for a while, it got used to it, and before I knew it, I began to like it even more than my iPhone. I was typing quicker, I was able to enjoy more formats of music, such as FLAC for instance, and the trackpad made selecting text a breeze. The iPhone felt like old-news after just a couple weeks. I was convinced, upon my return to Canada, I would buy myself a new BlackBerry. Being a FIDO customer, I was limited in the variety I had to choose from, therefore I bought myself a Bold 9790. It had a touch screen, and was lighter, though the battery was not as enduring as the 9700. I was given a 9930 a couple of months later from someone who did not want theirs anymore, because they were on the new BlackBerry Z10, and with the larger keyboard, better screen, longer battery life, it was generally a better experience.

Fast forward a few months to April. On my Birthday, I was given the opportunity to go to Orlando to attend BlackBerry Live 2013, where I was given a brand new BlackBerry Z10. While in Orlando, I met some awesome people, got to learn quite a bit about the brand, and had the chance to dabble a bit in the realm of app development. Less than a week after my return to Waterloo, BlackBerry sent me a DevAlpha C device.

The new BlackBerry 10 platform was very different, I was not a fan of it in the beginning, but just like when I started off with the 9700, I needed time to get used to it, and to fully grasp the “technique”. Within very little time, I was proficient in doing everything I needed to do on my device, and faster than ever. The new features such as the “BlackBerry Hub” and “Active Frames” gave me the potential to be more productive as a consumer, and as a professional. It was, and still is, the platform that really accommodates both profiles! And now with the recent addition of BBM Channels, I am able to share my music with subscribers.

I began writing for when I ordered a set of Q10 parts to give my DevC a facelift. I got together with two other people who had DevC’s, and we transformed our devices into DevQ’s. I made a video of this and it was posted on YouTube on the N4BB channel. Since then, I have been writing a few articles here and there for the site.


I was given the opportunity to attend the BlackBerry Annual General Meeting this past summer in Waterloo, and also made it to BlackBerry at TIFF a few months ago. While in town, I attended BlackBerry Developer Group Meetups to learn more about developing for the platform, and also to make good contacts within the community. With the knowledge I have acquired over the months since BlackBerry Live 2013, I was able to share this great system with many of my friends, and even professional acquaintances, many of whom made the switch to BlackBerry 10.

Two weeks ago, I ordered a Z30 from BlackBerry, and this phone with its new Paratek technology works great when I am flying.

All this to say that a year has passed since I switched entirely to BlackBerry, and not only has the experience been awesome with the device, but in general within the community.

What happened to my iPhone you may be asking? Long story short, I gave it to my Dad, who is now having issues with it, apparently due to “data leakage”. I guess I will be getting him a BlackBerry for Christmas!