YouMail has recently updated their visual voicemail app with a bunch of new features and bug fixes. Some of the new features include:

  • We’ve added the ability to ditch callers – where ditched callers hear  a “number out of service” message and can’t leave a voicemail.   It’s now very easy to get rid of telemarketers or ex’s.
  • We’ve completely rebuilt the app, so that it’s much more stable and the UI is much faster.  We’d had a long list of known problems with how it was implemented and we’ve spent the past 3 months or so really cleaning things up.
  • Finally, we’ve removed ads from the app.   So now not only is the app free, but it’s ad-free as well.

But, YouMail has  decided this will be their last release for BlackBerry. Unless, they see an increase in the amount of BlackBerry users. According to their analytics shown below, the amount of BlackBerry subscribers has dwindled over the year, while their iOS and Android have allegedly soared.

Although, while YouMail found its success by first building their app on the BlackBerry platform, they’re going to disregard the 75+ million users. To those who actually liked the YouMail service (wasn’t for me) many seem to be very disappointed in the comments of their company blog post.

If you have YouMail installed, the update should get pushed to you. If not, and you’re interested in a ‘suspended supported’ app, you can check out YouMail in BlackBerry App World here.