The folks over at LifeChurch.TV finally took the plunge and updated their popular YouVersion Bible app with a native BlackBerry 10 look and feel.

I’ve been using YouVersion for years; I had the app on my Bold 9700 from the beginning. It was actually the first app I downloaded on my Z10 when I received it in January.

I’ve always had issues with it, since it was originally an Android port. It would take a while to open, lag nearly every time I used it, and had tons of glitches. The update just rolled out not too long ago, and I spent some time playing around with it. All those problems seem to be a thing of the past.

Not only that, I no longer have to deal with the Android format, which, honestly, I hate using. YouVersion has that fluid and intuitive BlackBerry 10 feel that I love so much.

The app is free, as all bible reading apps should be, and can be downloaded from BlackBerry World. Stay glued to N4BB and I’ll get a full fledged review of the app before the end of the week.