Yes, we’ve got some monster QWERTY devices like the Passport and Classic coming at the tail end of this year. But from September of 2013 and well into 2014, BlackBerry’s strongest offering has been the Z30. A simple 5″ slab that is remarkably powerful.

I am all for the keyboard shortcuts and input refinements on QWERTY devices but it’s my opinion that the BB10 gesture based OS is perhaps better suited for the all touch form factor, and no – I’m not the only one who thinks similarly. While all BlackBerry devices have their own high points, I must hand it to BlackBerry, because the Z30 device is a top class phone with understated specifications that make it a great all around mobile device.

Big battery, large screen, integration of Paratek antenna, and on Verizon models integrated Qi wireless charging are just some of the many reasons to go get this phone. BlackBerry will likely be launching an all touch LTE Z3 device later this year in more mature markets, but I can’t stress just how great the Z30 is nearly a year after entering the market.

I get asked quite often whether one should wait a Z30 successor in 2015 or just scoop up the Z30. I honestly recommend the latter. The Z30 just works. It’s one of those phones that you grow to respect after using it for long lengths of times. It’s the kind of phone that will bring you back even when tempted by other BlackBerry devices.

For what it’s worth the Z30 didn’t get the proper reviews it deserved, because it is a brilliant all around device.

Toward that end I have re-reviewed the BlackBerry Z30, it originally launched with 10.2 and the update to 10.2.1 takes the mobile to a whole other level. The video posted above is a quick but thoughtful look at what makes the Z30 a cut above the rest. While I’m anxious to get my hands on a Passport, I’ll again reiterate how strong the Z30 offering really is. With 10.3.1 on the wind for release later this year, it’s going to take the Z30 and invigorate it with even more vitality and purpose.

For those on a Z10 looking for an upgrade, the Z30 is a strong choice. One that’s getting cheaper and cheaper to own as time passes. I think the Z30 will continue to be a strong offering into 2015 and is worth your consideration. If you’re still undecided I hope this video can help!